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About Dr. Mukund H. Vadusskar (Astro, Vastu & Fengshui Consultant)

Mr. Mukund born and bought up in Pune. He is well reputed not only in Pune but all over the world. He has various clients from various fields such as politics, film industry, Builders, Software Engineers, Advocates, Doctors, Businessmen, and Servicemen etc. 

He is specialized in Traditional Astrology, Kp Astrology, gemology, numerology, Vastu Shastra, Traditional Fengshui, Flying Star Fengshui Pyramid Science in Vastu correction, Stock Market Astrology. He is highly educated and think positive and give solution of very low cost. He believe in Karma and making life happier. 

Prediction of world, person, elections will be here (Coming Soon)

He is awarded by following Degrees :

  • Jyotish Visharad
  • Jyotish Pandit
  • Vastu Visharad
  • Krishnamurti
  • Visharad
  • Krishnmurti Pandit

Jyotish, in Sanskrit translated as “science of light”, is a profound and mathematically sophisticated form of astrology that originated in the ancient Vedic tradition of India.Rajyog Jyotish Center describes how planetary patterns at the time of our birth give valuable clues in helping us understand our life’s journey. Through careful analysis of these cosmic influences, Jyotish Astrology can help us realistically evaluate our strengths and weaknesses in order to optimize our full potential.

This Center for Wellbeing is pleased to offer its Jyotish Astrology Counseling Service to help provide participants with valuable information in all areas of their lives. Birth charts are calculated and fully discussed by Program Director, Dr. Mukund H. Vadusskar.


Testimonials :

I know Mr. Mukund since last 5-6 years. He is very straight forward and speak very clear cut without hiding anything. He and his family is very religious. He handles my astrological queries smartly and with the affection. I found his solutions very useful. I heartily wish him and pray well success in future.

S.P. Virkar
Consultant – Engineer

I Mr. Pawar P.P.  saw his office in sadashiv peth. I found he is genious and hardworker. He suggest remedies of very low cost, his fees are very affordable. I thank him very much for his valuable guidance to me. I realized that in this field lots of astrologers are cheater, but he is a genuine astrologer.

Electric Engineer

Mr . Mukund Vaduskar whatever you predicted was very useful for solving my questions. Best wishes from me.

Manjiri Pandit
Worker & National Teble Tenis Player
Indian Post Department

The predictions given were satisfactory and were related very much to what has happened in my life, looking forward to marriage in May, as according to your predictions…..

Apurva Shah
Student, Pune

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Office Address

1037 Sadashiv Peth, Near Nagnath Par,
Maharashtra, Pune 411030.
Cell No : +91 94225 03649.
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Name of A/c Holder : Mukund H Vaduskar
Account Type : Saving A/c
Bank Name : ICICI BANK
Branch Name : Sadashiv Peth, Pune
IFSC Code : ICIC0006451
A/c No. 042401516224